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Registered Retirement Savings Plan

The RRSP, or registered retirement savings plan, is a savings tool that lets you save money over your lifetime by lowering your tax bill.The key advantages of contributing to an RRSP are deducted from your taxable income, which can entitle you to a tax refund. The interest earned on your investments is not taxed as long as it stays in your RRSP, and unused contributions can be carried forward year after year. Moreover, the money invested in an RRSP can be used to purchase a property.Spousal RRSP can reduce your combined tax burden. Etaxcan will assist you in a favourable way to manage your RRSP towards the tax benefit.


  • You will save money and time!
  • Focus on what you do best!
  • Bookkeeping is the Key to Lasting Success!
  • Make Your Financial Dreams A Reality!
  • You have access to your own documents, reports and financial statements anywhere.

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